After the temptation challenge, each team is going to work hard in burning the calories that they have taken in for the contestant who gave in. Both teams are getting themselves ready for the fourth weigh in challenge where the losing team is going to vote out one team member again. Hosting the weigh in is no other than - Ms. Sharon Cuneta. The trainers from both teams - Mr. Jim Saret in the red team and Mrs. Chinggay Andrada in the blue team are with their teams witnessing the weigh in. The first team being weighed in is the red team where Win - win weighed from 225 lbs - 222 lbs. Raffy's weight came down from 254 lbs - 251 lbs. and Hazel's weight is from 186 lbs. - 184 lbs. Art, who expected to lose more weight is disappointed because his weight only came down from  298 lbs. - 294 lbs. The next to be weighed in is Ryan where his weight came down from 249 lbs. - 245 lbs. and Eboy's weight loss is from 417 lbs. - 412 lbs. The total weight loss of the red team is about 21 lbs. but since they have lost in the big challenge their total weight loss will be diminished with three pounds. With the three pounds diminished to their total weight loss, their new weight loss became 18 lbs. It is the blue team's turn to be weighed in where Angela's weight came down from 195 lbs. - 192 lbs. Joy, who is not expecting to lose more weight is surprised where her weight came down from 284 lbs. - 278 lbs. The team leader of the blue team - Allan  269 lbs. - 263 lbs and finally the blue team won this time in the weigh in challenge. The two trainers are asked by Ms. Sharon Cuneta how they felt knowing who won in the challenge and Ms. Chinggay is very proud with her new team - the blue team. As for Mr. Jim Saret, he is giving his best to train his new team but then again it is not the best that the red team can give. Winning the challenge made the blue team members crave to work hard more for them to achieve their goal and become the biggest loser pinoy edition. Ms. Sharon Cuneta announced that she had three surprises for both teams and one of the surprise is that nobody from the red team is going out. What are the other surprises from Ms. Sharon Cuneta?
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