In this episode in the biggest loser pinoy edition shows another serious training session of the contestants. The ten contestants are going outside the camp for them to experience another level of hard training work out. Ms. Chinggay Andrada picked Art, ryan, larry, angela and Eboy to be on her team for the outside training work out. Hazel, Allan, Joy, Winwin and Raffy is going to be on Mr. Jim Saret's team for the outside the camp training work out. Ms. Chinggay Andrada together with her team members went to a boxing gym and her team members are very surprised. Ms. Chinggay Andrada then revealed the prize of an exclusive use of the gym in the biggest loser camp to the best athlete at their training. To boost their faith and spirit in losing weight, Ms. Chinggay Andrada showed them a picture of her being chubby in the past. Ms. Chinggay Andrada lost some weight when she started the boxing training and her team members were very amazed with her own experience. While Ms. Chinggay's team are in the boxing gym, Mr. Jim Saret's team went to a swimming pool. Mr. Jim Saret told his team members that he has three surprises for them and the first surprise is Ms. Jasmine Alcaldi - the best swimmer in the Philippines. Ms. Jasmine is going to teach Mr. Jim's team members how to swim and Hazel is so grateful with it. Hazel is very eager to learn how to swim ever since because she is afraid of the water. The second surprise is Mr. Julius Nehas - who is very famous in sprinting. When Joy knew that their training is related with running, she thought that maybe she can't give the best that she can give because of her fear. Going back with Ms. Chinggay's team, Eboy and Art are the first two members being matched up in the boxing ring. Art did not give Eboy some hard punches knowing that Eboy has no knowledge about boxing.
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