After the first singles competitive weigh in, the eleven contestants are going to vote out one contestant here in the biggest loser pinoy edition. Two of the eleven contestants who got the lesser weight loss are going to face the elimination round and these are Eric and Angela. The eleven contestants then went to the elimination area where Ms. Sharon Cuneta is there waiting for them. The eleven contestants have their own individual votes where Angela and Eric are very tensed on who among them two are going to be voted out. The votes are tied where Angela and Eric got four votes equally and the last person that is going to reveal his vote is Larry. Knowing that Larry is close to both Eric and Angela, Eric believed that Larry is going to vote Angela to be evicted. Larry told everybody that he respected Angela a lot and he wants to thank her for everything. Larry thanked Angela but the person he voted out is the person whom he thought has a lot of things to do outside the biggest loser camp and that is Eric. With the last vote coming from Larry, Eric is voted out from the biggest loser pinoy edition. Eric accepted the decision of the other contestants with heartaches because he is not ready to go out yet. Eric told his fellow contestants what is the real reason he joined the biggest loser pinoy edition. Ms. Sharon Cuneta then told Eric not to lose faith even though he is outside the biggest loser camp. Ms. Sharon Cuneta hugged Eric and thanked him for joining the biggest loser pinoy edition. When Eric is ready to leave the elimination area, Winwin went near to Eric and tried hugging him but Eric did not hug her back and ran away. Eric is so disappointed with the other contestants decision and with this, will Eric still face the other contestants and talk to them specially Larry?
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