In this episode in the biggest loser pinoy edition, Art and Winwin are starting to use the gym in the biggest loser camp. Art and Winwin are doing their best training on their own because they have the privilege to use the gym. Reminiscing that Art and Winwin won as the best athlete in their sports challenge and their prize is to have the privilege in using the gym. With the gym equipments, they can have the chance in losing a lot of weight for them to get ready in the second individual weigh in competition. Later on, Raffy went to see Eboy and told him about what he felt towards a girl contestant - Hazel. Eboy told Raffy to make Hazel know about what he felt towards her. With this, Raffy went outside even though it is raining to get a Calachuchi flower. Raffy then made a letter inviting Hazel to have dinner with him soon. When Raffy went to the girls locker room, he didn't saw Hazel there and thought to where she is. Winwin, Joy and Angela are the three girls who were there at the girls locker room and they were surprised why Raffy is there. When Winwin saw the Calachuchi flower, she thought that maybe that flower is for her. The three girl contestants then helped Raffy to give his surprise gift to Hazel where they hide the Calachuchi flower in Hazel's locker. Winwin then called Hazel and she was surprised with Raffy's gift and invitation where Hazel then accepted Raffy's invitation. Later on, the ten contestants are facing another challenge where in they are being tested with their knowledge about losing some weight and healthy foods. The contestants are going to choose if the question is either true or false and they are holding an empty five galloon container. If a contestant is having a wrong answer, the assistants are going to fill their empty galloon with one liter of water.

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