The ten biggest loser contestants are going to face another big challenge and Hazel has a big participation in chosing the team ups. To help them with their big challenge, the trainers - Ms. Chinggay Andrada and Mr. Jim Saret are both here. Ms. Chinggay Andrada then asked Hazel who will she choose to become her partner during the big challenge. Hazel chose Raffy as her partner because she is confident with what they can both do. Ms. Chinggay Andrada also asked Hazel if she have decided about the the other contestants team ups already. With this, Winwin is Allan's partner, Art is paired with Joy, Larry is Eboy's partner, Angela is paired with Ryan and Hazel is Raffy's partner. Their big challenge is to transfer either the weights, sacks of cements, tires, bricks and logs which is weighing one ton in one flatform to another flatform. For equality, Ms. Chinggay and Mr. Jim showed a burger and a fries where the contestants must give the exact amount of calories these foods have. Joy and Art won the initial game and they got the chance to choose on what thing they will like to transfer. Joy and Art chose the sack of cements and they are also going to choose on what thing will each team ups have for them to transfer it from one flatform to another. Hazel and Raffy are going to transfer the weights while Ryan and Angela have the bricks. Eboy and Larry are going to transfer the tires while Allan and Winwin have the logs. The pair that is going to win will have a four pound advantage as their prize. After a heavy and hard time transfering the things from one flatform to another, Hazel and Raffy won the big challenge. With their success, Raffy lost the two pound disadvantage and gained a two pound advantage for the next weigh in. Haze and Raffy are going to have their first date and Hazel is very happy with this.
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