In this episode, the ten contestants here in the biggest loser pinoy edition is very shocked when they saw the gym being closed. Winwin thought that maybe they are not going to lose some weight because the gym is currenltly closed. Trainer - Mr. Jim Saret arrived at the camp and was also surprised that the gym is locked. Even though the gym is locked, there is no hard times for Mr. Jim Saret and so he told all the contestants that they are going to make an alternative gym. Since they don't have the gym, the contestants are asked by Mr. Jim Saret to find some things inside the camp that can help them during their work out. Larry have a fire extiguisher for him to carry it as if he is doing weights. Allan is using the chair to help him do the push up and Mr. Jim Saret is there to guide them all through their work out. After their work out inside the camp, Mr. Jim Saret brought the ten contestants in the swimming pool to have an aqua work out. The contestants thought that the aqua work out is like a big challenge for them because they are doing an exercise while the water is resisting their moves. While Mr. Jim Saret is helping the ten contestants work out, Ms. Chinggay Andrada went to visit Mae and Andy outside the camp. Reminiscing that Mae and Andy are the two initial contestants that failed to have their chance in getting inside the biggest loser camp. Right after they went outside, they are challenged by Ms. Sharon Cuneta to work out on their own and if they can lose a lot of weight, they are going to have their chance in going inside the camp. With this, how will Mae and Andy prove to Ms. Chinggay Andrada that they are now fit to be the person that can have a chance in going inside the biggest loser camp. And with the ten contestants, is their work out without the gym be successful?
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