With Eboy's injured hand, he must still continue working out to lose weight inside the biggest loser camp. At the kitchen, Eboy is cleaning using his left hand and Larry together with Ryan helped him. Ryan and Larry told Eboy not to move a lot with the household chores because he is still injured. Eboy told both Ryan and Larry that he can still do some household chores even though his right hand is injured. Later on, Eboy went outside the biggest loser camp to practice his injured hand in writing. While Eboy is practicing his right injured hand, Leigh came to see him for them to talk about what happened to his hand. Reminiscing that during the blocks of ice challenge, Eboy tried to protect Leigh from a block of ice that can hurt her. With this incident, Leigh thanked Eboy for protecting her from being hurt. After awhile, Larry saw a board hanged up at a door with a sign - "Wanted 5 Mekaniko" (Wanted five Mechanics). Larry then hurriedly went inside the biggest loser camp giving the information to the other contestants. The ten contestants are gathered for them to decide on who are going to face the challenge they have received. The five contestants that will face the challenge are Art, Raffy, Angela, Larry Andi. These five contestants are going to put some tires of a truck within a given time. While the five contestants are facing the challenge, the five other contestants who are in the biggest loser camp did some work outs for them to lose weight. Mr. Jim Saret is the trainer for the five other contestants who are left at the biggest loser camp. Mr. Jim Saret is focusing on Eboy because he wants to help Eboy in losing more weight. Will Eboy do his best in working out for him to lose more weight this week? Will Andi, Art, Raffy, Larry and Angela win the challenge?
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