In tonight's episode in the Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition, there is no more blue team and red team. With the winning blue team back then, the blue team members went to a room where there is a suprise tray cover in a table with a note - "Lift me!". Every blue team member is excited to what is inside the tray cover and discovered that it their prize - One hundred thousand pesos after winning the weigh in challenge. The blue team members are very happy to receive the prize and hurriedly wrote a letter for their loved ones to give the money to them. To start the day as one group already, the contestants are going to play - Frisbee. The contestants went to see the game master - Derek Ramsay in Eagle Rick Driving Range to guide them during the frisbee game. To divide the contestants into two groups, individually they must throw the frisbee disc as far as they can. The contestant that can throw the frisbee disc the farthest that they can will be the team leader. The two farthest throw of the frisbee disc are Allan and Raffy. Allan and Raffy then got a chance choosing their team members to play with them the frisbee game. Raffy chose Ryan, Art, Hazel and Winwin while Allan chose Eric, Larry, Angela and Joy. Derek then told everybody that they are all back with their ex - team members - the red and blue team. Allan's team is given a coach - Coach Eric from the Philippine Frisbee Team and Derek is Raffy's team coach. The game started and everybody is having fun playing the frisbee game. After a fun game, Raffy's team won and everybody chose Hazel as the MVP (most valuable player) for the frisbee game. Being the MVP for the frisbee game, Derek gave Hazel a gift where she can use it later for the coming days. Derel then gave each contestant a shirt with individual colors to represent themselves during each challenge.After a great game, the contestants got to meet a nutricionist and a cook to teach them about healthy foods and how to cook it. The day after, the contestants are in a room and the trainers - Ms. Chinggay Andrada and Mr. Jim Saret are meeting them giving the news that they are going to start their work out. Starting their work out, Ms. Chinggay Andrada is assisting all the girls and Mr. Jim Saret for the boys. Will each contestant survive the individual work out?
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