Tonight's episode shows the elimination round where the eight contestants choose between Joy and Winwin. This elimination round is very hard for both Joy and Winwin because they didn't expect to become a part of it. The ten contestants are first gathered in a room for them to have a chance talking to each other before someone is going to be evicted/voted out. While the ten contestants are gathered in one room, Andi and Leigh who were the challengers at the start of this show are being weighed in. Reminiscing that even though Andi and Leigh did not get their chance in getting inside the biggest loser camp, they were challenged by Ms. Sharon Cuneta to lose weight outside. If both Andi and leigh can lose a lot of weight while they are outside, they can get a chance in getting inside the biggest loser camp, be trained and have the chance winning the biggest loser prize. So now that they are both weighed in, Ms. Sharon Cuneta is very happy to welcome Andi and leigh back in the biggest loser camp. Ms. Sharon Cuneta then gave Andi and Leigh's individual shirts for them to wear it during a challenge. Going back with the elimination round, the first to reveal the person he is voting out is Larry and he voted for Winwin. Angela, Art, Ryan and Hazel voted for Joy to be eliminated and Allan voted for Winwin. Joy already got four votes and the next vote to be revealed will be coming from Raffy. Raffy then revealed that he voted for Joy being the person to be eliminated and Ms. Sharon Cuneta is the first one to hug Joy. Everybody cried that Joy is eliminated and hugged her tight because they will surely miss Joy. After Joy left, Ms. Sharon Cuneta then revealed to the nine contestants remaining that there will be two contestants that is going to join them. With this, will the nine remaining contestants be happy?
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