After the blocks of ice challenge, Eboy's hand was accidentally pressed by a block of ice. With this sudden incident, Eboy was brought to the hospital to have his hand be checked. With what happened to Eboy's hand, the biggest loser medical team decided to let him be admitted in the hospital. The nine contestants who are still in the biggest loser camp are very worried about Eboy's condition. When they are back inside the biggest loser camp, they are gathered in one room and talked about what happened to Eboy. While they are talking about Eboy, Mr. Jim Saret and arrived and asked about what happened during their blocks of ice challenge. The nine contestants told Mr. Jim Saret all the things that happened during the challenge specially with what happened to Eboy. Ms. Chinggay Andrada also knew about the accident that happened to Eboy and she went to see him in the hospital. Ms. Chinggay Andrada brought a balloon with a happy face to Eboy to let him cheer up. When Ms. Chinggay Andrada finally arrived at Eboy's room, she saw the smile on Eboy's face. Ms. Chinggay Andrada is very happy seeing Eboy's smile on his face and so she then asked what really happened. Even though Eboy is not around the biggest loser camp, some of the four contestants are going to have another challenge again. If they can win this challenge, their prize are some stocks of their foods. The four contestants that will face this challenge are Art, Larry, Raffy and  Hazel where they went to a poultry farm. Their challenge is to get some eggs in the poultry farm transferring it to forty trays. The four contestants are only given one hour to do that and they will lose if they will break at least three eggs. If the contestants are going to win, their prize are stocks of food for the biggest loser camp. Will the four contestants be successful?
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