The nine original contestants lose against Andi and Leigh in the team up weigh in and one of the nine original contestants are going to face the elimination round. Reminiscing that Andi and Leigh are competing with Ryan and Eboy from the nine original contestants in the weigh in. Since Andi and Leigh lose more than Eboy and Ryan, Andi and Leigh are both safe from the elimination round and can still have another week in staying at the biggest loser camp. The nine original contestants are being weighed in individually where Larry, Eboy and Hazel lost five pounds, Angela lost six pounds, Allan lost four pounds and Art lost four pounds. After the weigh in, Allan and Art are the two contestants below the yellow line and are going to face the elimination round. Since Andi and Leigh are also safe from the elimination round, Ms. Sharon Cuneta told them that they must join in choosing who will be eliminated. Art and Allan walked together to the elimination round where Ms. Sharon Cuneta is already there waiting for them. Art then thought that he is happy knowing that he is competing against Allan during the elimination round. Art knew that he and Allan are both deserving to stay because they are the known leaders in the group. Allan is not ready to go home yet knowing people from anywhere in the Philippines that is respecting him as a father. While both Art and Allan are already sat down, the nine contestants including Andi and Leigh are very nervous with the elimination round. The seven original contestants are not yet sure on who to vote between Art and Allan because they are both leaders of the group. The voting started where Winwin, Ryan, Hazel and Andi voted for Allan while Angela and Larry voted for Art. When Leigh revealed that she voted for Allan, he is now the contestant being voted out or eliminated.
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