Ryan together with Angela are competing with Andi and Leigh in an electrical running machine. The losing pair are tasked to cook some good and delicious food for everybody. After a great electric running machine challenge, Ryan and Angela won this challenge. The two trainers - Ms. Chinggay Andrada and Mr. Jim Saret then asked both Andi and Leigh how they felt now that they are inside the biggest loser camp. Andi and Leigh then revealed that they were shy at first but the nine remaining contestants are all approachable. Ms. Chinggay Andrada then asked Winwin how she felt with the two new challengers - Ani and Leigh. Winwin answered Ms. Chinggay Andrada that she felt weird having the two new challengers in the biggest loser camp. Reminiscing that Winwin admitted once during the weigh in that she had a crush on Andi. Andi then went near to Winwin and asked her for a dance where everybody is so happy to see how Andi is teasing Winwin. Later on, the four contestants - Andi, Leigh, Ryan and Angela went to San Sebastian Recoletos gymnasium in Cavite to have the real big challenge for them. Ms. Chinggay Andrada and Mr. Jim Saret are both there to help the four contestants with their challenge. Their big challenge involves a lot of exercise they usually did everyday. This big challenge is divided into three challenges and the Ryan together with Angela won the first challenge. The second challenge is to collect balls that are gathered everywhere in that gym and the first pair to collect twenty balls win. This challenge is very hard for the four contestants because they need to go up the stair ways and Andi together with Leigh won the challenge. The third challenge is to hold the big balls upright. The pair that can hold the big balls for a very long time wins. Who among the two pairs will win the third challenge?

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