Angela and Larry are talking about the eviction of Allan in which they thought is unfair. Most of the contestants who voted for Allan to be evicted are coming from the former red team. Larry then said that he doesn't want to help anyone from the former red team in the work out again. Angela then told Larry that all they can do now is to focus in helping themselves to reach their goal. As for the former red team, they are gathered in one room where Art told them that he is worried about Larry. Art knew that Larry is emotional after the eviction of Allan where Larry thought there is a connivance from the former red team. With this, Art wants to talk to Larry personally to tell him that the former red team are not conniving with each other in voting Allan out. The ten final contestants which includes Andi and Leigh are gathered in one room and Art got his chance talking to Larry. While they are in the room, the ten final contestants decided to dress up and do some ramp to see how much weight they lost. The girls are the first one to show off some of their dresses that are very loose already. After the girls ramp, the boys are wearing the clothes they wore the first time they got inside the biggest loser camp and the girls are very surprised. Most of the boys clothes are very loose on them already and Ryan is very proud letting them see that his pats will go down by itself. Later on, the ten final contestants went to the kitchen and saw that there is nothing inside every cabinet including the refrigerator. For them to eat, they just cooked some vegetables to satisfy their hunger. While they are still eating, Derek Ramsay arrived telling them about a challenge they are going to do.This challenge involves the food that was lost in the kitchen.What is their challenge and why will Eboy be involved in an accident?
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