Reminiscing that Ryan was hailed as the biggest loser contestant last week, he had a great exciting prize. Ryan got a chance being with his family and spend some time with them. Ryan then taught his little brother - Paul about their usual work out exercises inside the biggest loser camp. After a day of having fun with his family, Ryan just got back inside the biggest loser camp. The day after that, game master - Derek Ramsay wake up all the ten biggest loser contestants and gathered them at the lobby. Derek then told the ten contestants that they are not going to have big challenge but rather it is now time for their big break. The top ten biggest loser contestants are going to have a make over after how many weeks of working out. Since their clothes are mostly loose to them already, the ten biggest loser contestants will have a free shopping spree. The girls - Winwin, Hazel, Angela and Leigh are very happy to shop for their new dresses and reminisced the time when they were still very fat. Angela remembered that when it comes to shopping for her dress or clothes, she always go to the maternity corner or request for a size XXL (extra extra large). After they have shopped for their new clothes, the ten remaining contestants went to a salon and have themselves fixed. A great make over and some new colthes, the ten remaining contestants are all ready to ramp and show everybody how much they weight they have lost. The two trainers - Ms. Chinggay Andrada and Mr. Jim Saret are there to witness the ten remaining contestants to ramp and show off how much weight they have lost. The first to ramp are the boys - Andi, Art, Eboy, Ryan and Larry. Next to ramp are the girls - Hazel, Angela, Leigh and Winwin where everybody is very amazed with the weight loss of the remaining contestants have made.
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