Tonight shows another challenge for the contestants here in the Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition. The contestants are being challenged for another temptation round where it is all about their favourite past time foods. The contestant that is going to be tempted wins an immunity for a week and a prize money of twenty thousand pesos. Most of the past time foods that they can see are the ones that contain more calories like chocolates and this food is everyones favourite. The contestants went together first to see the temptation food and they were all excited and most of them thought that they surely are going to be tempted by this time. One by one, the contestants will go infront to where the temptation foods are and they have to decide if they are going to take it or not. After knowing that there is an additional prize of twenty thousand pesos, the contestants are thrilled since they all want to have the money. In the blue team, they are all determined not to be tempted with the foods and specially with the big amount of money - twenty thousand pesos as a prize. On the other hand, the members on the red team are all struggling since most of the members needed the money for their own interest and for their family. Raffy who is a red team member is eager to win the prize and the immunity where he will safe from voting out one member in the next weigh in. Hazel at first did not eat any of the temptation food but when she heard about the additional prize of twenty thousand pesos, she is confused if by the second time around she is going to eat. Who is going to get the prize of twenty thousand pesos and is it worth it? How will this challenge affect the relationship of the members to both teams?
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