The contestants experienced their first refreshment night where they are gathered first in one room. The contestants didn't know that they are going to do something relaxing and then came the two trainers. Mr. Jim Saret and Ms. Chinggay Andrada then went inside the room and give a movie tickets to the contestants. The contestants are very happy to receive the movie tickets because finally they can have some time to relax themselves. The contestants then went to a cinema/movie house  and watch a movie where it is about their journey from the start of the game up to the present. The movie showed how the contestants looked like at the first day they went inside the Biggest Loser Camp. Winwin laughed at herself after seeing that she was very fat at first and how she ate during the first day. Winwin is very happy that she is not that fat as what she can see at the movie screen. Allan also laughed at himself and is eager to do much better for him to achieve his goal - to lose weight or to be thin. Hazel, Joy and Angela are also proud of themselves after losing some weight and they are not going to stop until they are going to have a sexy body. After the movie, the two trainers - Mr. Jim Saret and Ms. Chinggay Andrada went inside the movie house/cinema to talk about what they just recently saw. The two trainers then asked how they felt after seeing the movie and Ms. Chinggay Andrada asked Eboy on why he laughed a lot while watching the movie. Ms. Chinggay Andrada thought that Eboy is still not giving his best to lose some weight and he is always making fun all through the game. Maybe Eboy forgot what is his real purpose when he joined the Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition. The relaxing moment is over and the contestants are going to have their work out with the trainers - Ms. Chinggay Andrada and Mr. Jim Saret. The work out started and Ms. Chinggay Andrada noticed that Eboy is not serious with his work out anymore. With this, how will Ms. Chinggay Andrada try to convince Eboy to work real hard and do the best that he can do to lose weight?
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