In tonight's episode in the Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition, the contestants from both team are going to face another big challenge. To guide them all throught the big challenge is no other than Derek Ramsay. The two teams went to a nearby beach and Derek was there to meet them up. Derek told both the red and the blue team that the beach is his favourite spot to relax and rest but for them they are not there to relax and rest. Their big challenge for this time is going to test their team work and so Derek Ramsay is giving the instruction of the challenge. At the starting point, both teams must dig the sand so that they can pass through a trunk. After passing the trunk, the teams must run to where their flag pole is and build a sand for them to get their own flag. The teams are given a basin and a cloth for them to use it as a foundation so that they can finally get their own flag. The challenge started and both teams are eager to win this challenge because a big prize awaits them. Since the red team are having more members than the blue team, the red team must choose one member that is not going to join the challenge. The big challenge started where the blue team passed through the trunk first then came the red team. Both teams gave their best during the challenge where each member is using the basin to get some water in the sea and put it into the sand. If the sand is already wet, they are going to build a foundation then and use this for them to get their on flag pole. Minutes passed where Raffy in the red team is the one trying to get the flag pole and in the blue team it is Allan. While the energy of the members are almost weak, Art in the red team kneeled down because he is so tired already. Allan told Art to stop and call the paramedic to help him out. Who is going to win this big challenge?
Watch more of Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition  June 29 episode replay below:

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