After yesterday's voting out of Destiny, everybody are now eager to lose more weight for them not to be voted out the next time. Eboy is experiencing Gout where he can not move that much because it will be very painful for him if he moves. The red and blue team are going to start working out again with the help of their team leaders - Mr. Jim Saret and Ms. Chinggay Andrada. After their work out, they went to their locker rooms and relax for awhile and then they went to another room where the team leaders are there. Mr. Jim Saret then told both teams that he and Ms. Chinggay Andrada went to their locker rooms and discovered something. Mr. Jim Saret and Ms. Chinggay Andrada have discovered that the biggest loser contestants in both team's locker rooms are very messy and smells bad. The boys locker room smells very bad where Mr. Jim Saret even poured some deodorizer to the boys wet shirts being left by them. With the locker rooms that are very messy and smelly, Mr. Jim Saret and Ms. Chinggay Andrada decided to give both teams a disciplinary act. They are challenging both teams in a row challenge where only one participant per team is going to do it. Joy and Allan from the blue team versus Art and Winwin from the red team are challenged to row. The team that is going to have the lowest number of rows is tasked to clean up the locker rooms. Will the red team win this time and take an advantage for them by not cleaning the locker rooms or will it still be the blue team that is going to win the challenge?
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