The fourteen biggest loser contestants woke up early and was fetch by a coaster for them to go to the hospital. They are all going to have a medical check up to see if they are having some health problems because of their excess weight (obesity). They went to the new Saint Luke's hospital and meets Dr. Jesus Inciong who is the one explaining to them about some common health problems of an obese person - Diabetes. Dr. Jesus Inciong is letting the contestants see some images of how Diabetes can affect an obese person specially their lower extremeties (legs). When the contestants saw the images, Joy closed her eyes because she can not take seeing the images that are very gross. After letting the contestants see some images, Dr. Jesus Inciong called his assistant bringing a heart sample and a container with fatty liquid. Dr. Jesus Inciong then asked his assistant to put the heart sample inside the container with fatty liquid and explained something to the contestants. The heart that is put inside the container with fatty liquid is just like the contestant's heart today because of their obesity. Joy then thought that maybe her heart is now surrounded with fatty liquids inside and is very pitty. Later on, Dr. Jesus Inciong asked another assistant to give the contestants the tray where there is a liver sample in it. Everyone is shocked seeing a liver sample and most of them wanted to puke. Moving on, the contestants are toured in the hospital where as a team they went to a morgue to see the environment there. Joy who is in the blue team is very afraid with the place that they toured in - the morgue. The contestants are brought to the morgue for them to realize that they must change their lifestyle for them not to end earlier in the morgue. With this, how will the contestants try to change their lifestyle?
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