Reminiscing that the red team won in the challenge, they are trying to trick their trainer - Ms. Chinggay Andrada. The red team is letting Winwin hide in a cabinet so that Ms. Chinggay is going to believe that they lost in the second weighing in and have lost one member. As expected, Ms. Chinggay looked very disappointed and is about to burst her feelings out. Before Ms. Chinggay is going to burst her feelings out and shout, the red team then opened the cabinet and surprised her. Ms. Chinggay did not expect to see Winwin inside the cabinet and just laughed about their trick. With the success of the red team, their trainer - Ms. Chinggay gave them an individual prize - an mp3/4 so that they can enjoy listening to music while working out. The red team contestants specially Winwin and Hazel loved the prize very much since it can help them boost their energy while working out. The red team are starting their work out again with the help of Ms. Chinggay Andrada and every member is happy working out. For the biggest loser of the week in the red team who is Art, he got a chance talking to his loved one for about ten minutes. After his prize, he tricked the other members of the red team that he is going outside the biggest loser camp. On the other hand, the blue team are going to have their work out outside the gym and they must do their best to lose weight. Mr. Jim Saret was surprised that they lost in a challenge for the first time but he is not mad with the team at all. The blue team started doing their work out exercise outside the gym and Mr. Jim Saret told each member not to surrender working out for themselves. With this, will someone in the blue team surrender because they lost in the second weighing in? And with the red team, will they finally prove to everybody that they did not win because of luck?

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