In tonight's episode in the biggest loser pinoy edition, the two teams are going to face another big challenge. Since they are going to face another big challenge, game master Derek Ramsay is here to guide them during the challenge. Their big challenge is to lift up a sack containing a hard object being put in a flatform and there is a rope connected to it for them to pull it. The blue team is going to pull a weight of 359 lbs while the red team is going to pull a weight of 418 lbs. Each team must pull the flatform containing the weight and the team that can pull the flatform for a very long time wins the challenge. The hard part in this challenge is that every ten minutes, each team is going to let one member out in pulling the flatform. When the team has lesser member that is pulling the flatform it will be much harder for them to pull the flatform for long. After how many minutes of pulling, Winwin in the red team felt pain already and their team leader - Art asked her if she is still okay. Art can also see Hazel who is struggling to pull the weight but Hazel told Art that she is still okay. After ten minutes, Winwin in the red team is the first to let go and the red team lost their technique/strategy in pulling the flatform. After how many minutes, Eboy is starting to let go because of the pain he felt while pulling the flatform. With this, will Eboy can still hold for a long time so that they will not lose in the big challenge?
Watch more of Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition  June 22 episode replay below:


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