After losing the big challenge, the red team are very sad since the success did not continue. The red team told the bad news to their trainer Ms. Chinggay Andrada already where Ms. Chinggay is not mad at them. Ms. Chinggay is trying to understand what the red team went and just told them to try their best right now getting ready for the next weigh in. On the other hand, the blue team are very happy giving the great news to their trainer - Mr. Jim Saret. Mr. Jim Saret is very glad to know that the blue team got back on the lead winning the challenges. As for the consequence of that big challenge, the blue team are given the privilege to pick one member of the red team not to be part of the weigh in. The blue team picked Eboy from the red team where in he is not going to join the next weigh in. Being the winner to the big challenge, the blue team is going to have a chance using the gym for them to prepare for the next weigh in. While the blue team are using the gym, the red team are having their work out outside where they just run up and down the hill. Ms. Chinggay is trying to lift up all the red team member's spirit so that they are going to give their best in their work out preparing for the next weigh in. Mr. Jim Saret is also uplifting the blue team member's spirit to give their best in the work out. The blue team members are asked by Mr. Jim to think of their loved ones as their inspiration in giving their best during the work out. Going back with the red team who is outside the camp working out, Eboy is not letting the other members see that he is not okay. After being the reason why the red team lost the big challenge, Eboy is giving his best to let the other members of the red team believe in him. So now that the next weigh in is fast approaching, are the two teams already ready to face it?
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