With only one pound ahead, the red team won for the second time around in the third weighing in here in the Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition. Losing the challenge, the blue team is going to choose one member of the team to be voted out again. They are going to choose the member that made their team heavy for the challenges and the team itself. Before seeing Ms. Sharon Cuneta in the elimination hall, the blue team members are having a meeting on who among the members will they choose. Eric thought that he is going to be chosen by the team and will be voted out by this time. Larry thought that he don't want Eric to be voted out yet and if given a chance he will vote himself out. Larry knows that Eric deserves to stay more than himself because Eric is more potential to win than him. After the votation of one member to be voted out, the blue team member have finally decided and Eden is the one to leave the biggest loser pinoy edition camp. Eden went home to her family in cebu and her family is very happy to have her back in their house again.
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