In tonight's episode in the biggest loser pinoy edition, the thirteen contestants are going to experience their first temptation challenge. Temptation challenge is a challenge for the contestants where they will be given something very close to their lives and test them individually if they are going to be tempted to have it. The contestant that is going to be tempted to the challenge gets an immunity for them not to be voted out in the next voting out of contestants. Ms. Sharon Cuneta then revealed the temptation thing in which it is a food - Pork Lechon (roasted pork). The contestants are given five minutes to get inside the temptation booth and decide whether they eat it or not. If the contestant is going to eat even a piece of the lechon, they can have an immunity not to be voted out. Individually, they are all challenged and only two of the contestants are tempted to eat the lechon where they can have their immunity. The two contestants that are tempted in eating the lechon are Winwin and Hazel coming from the red team. The contestant that got the most lechon being eaten is Hazel and finally she got the immunity. The red team lost the challenge against the blue team again.
Watch more of Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition  June 16 episode replay below:

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