In tonight's episode here in the biggest loser pinoy edition, both teams are having another challenge. The blue team gets to enjoy a low calorie food and they are very happy eating it specially Larry. This is Larry's first time eating a low calorie diet and he thought that the foods are very tasty. As for the red team, because they lost in the challenge they went outside the biggest loser camp and saw some things that they can use in sleeping outside the camp. The red team did not sleep very well because they don't have all the things needed for them to sleep comfortably. Later on, Ms. Chinggay Andrada is meeting up with the red team and everybody is surprised and was shy. All red team members were shy when Ms. Chinggay Andrada came because they were all asleep. Everybody must give a lot of their effort to lose some weight because they are going to be weighed in again. The blue team together with their team leade - Mr. Jim Saret are having a little talk first before they went working out. The blue team tells Mr. Jim Saret that their standing against the red team is 3 - 0. Mr. Jim Saret is surprised to know that his team members are doing their best to win all the challenges. Later on, the fourteen lucky contestants went to the weigh in room where Ms. Sharon Cuneta is there waiting for them. The first to be weighed in is Allan from the blue team where his weight went down from 309 to 286 lbs. Next to be weighed in is Angela and her weight went down from 223 to 208 lbs. The weighing in continued where Eric's weight go down from 272 to 256 lbs. Joy's weight went down from 320 to 301 lbs. JM's weight went down from 340 to 322 lbs and Edden from 221 to 208 lbs. Larry is the last one being weighed in and everybody is surprised with his weight going down from 255 to 229 lbs. After the blue team's weighing in, will the red team have a lot of members who lost weight?
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