Tonight's episode is another weigh in for the contestants here in The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition. The host for tonight's weigh in is the game master - Derek Ramsay as a proxy to Ms. Sharon Cuneta. The nine remaining contestants are all confident that they are going to lose a lot of weight after having their marines training last week. Most of the nine remaining contestants only lose one to two pounds and they are all shocked with their weight loss. When it is Leigh's turn to be weighed in, she didn't lose some weight even though she gave all her best during the marines training. When it is Andi's turn to be weighed in, he is confident enough that he will lose a lot of weight but then he failed. Andi only lost one pound of his weight and he is a little bit disappointed with himself. The eighth contestant being weighed in is Hazel where Derek Ramsay asked her if she is confident with herself in losing more than two pounds of her weight. By the time Hazel is weighed in, everybody is shocked to see a plus sign with Hazel's weigh in result. Hazel gained one pound and she is wondering why she gained weight instead of losing. The eight contestants watching Hazel being weighed in are all wondering why she is gaining weight. The last contestant being weighed in is Winwin and she must lose weight even though it is only one pound for her not to be listed below the yellow line. When Winwin was being weighed in, she also gained one pound where she asked herself what happened to her. Because of gaining one pound also, Winwin is listed below the yellow line and will face the elimination round together with Hazel. After the weigh in process, the nine contestants are gathered in one room for them to talk about who are they going to vote out. The eight contestants have finally decided and Hazel is voted out.
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