This episode shows another weigh in for the remaining contestants here in The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition. After a hard and long week of working out, the eight remaining contestants are going to be weighed in again. Since the eight remaining contestants had a challenge wherein they must achieve the target weight given to them so that they can have an immunity. An immunity for them not to belong below the yellow line in which they will be a part of the elimination round. The first contestant  being weighed in are the contestants who successfully got the immunity - Art  and Winwin. Art's weight go down from 270 - 260 pounds while Winwin's weight is from 205 - 195 pounds. When Winwin is being weighed in, Ms. Sharon Cuneta asked her why she gained weight last weigh in and Winwin told her that she misses the host - Ms. Sharon. The next contestant being weighed in is Leigh wherein her weight goes down from 199 - 195 pounds. Andi is the next contestant being weighed in and his weight went down from 229 - 221 pounds. Raffy's weight is from 226 - 221 pounds and Angela is from 172 - 164 pounds. Ryan is the next contestant being weighed in wherein Ms. Sharon Cuneta noticed that he looks different. The other contestants then revealed that Ryan has an inspiration and that inspiration is someone from the other contestants who is Leigh. Ryan's weight went down from 222 - 210 pounds and everybody is happy with his weigt loss. The last contestant being weighed in is Larry and his weight went down from 186 - 175 pounds. Larry is then hailed as the biggest loser for this week and he is thankful to both Mr. Jim Saret and Ms. Chinggay Andrada. The four contestants who are below the yellow line are Andi, Leigh, Raffy and Angela. The contestants have finally voted wherein Art, Larry and Ryan voted for Andi to be eliminated.
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