The seven remaining contestants are awakened by two man shouting - Manila and Sta. Rosa. With the morning alarm they heard, the seven remaining contestants went at the lobby and they are all wondering what is going to happen. They then went outside and saw two vans and then came the game master - Derek Ramsay. Derek Ramsay then revealed that the two vans are taking them somewhere they all wanted. The van going to manila will take them to a work out gym - Fitness first and meet their trainers there. The seven remaining contestants will have their chance working out with their trainers and one of their love ones individually. Reminiscing that the seven remaining contestants only lost fifteen pounds, they still have to lose thirty pounds to meet their target weight loss of forty five pounds. If majority of the votes from the contestant is going to Manila, they get a chance working out properly to meet their goal this week. If the seven remaining contestants are going to choose Sta. Rosa, it will lead them to Enchanted Kingdom. If they are going to choose Sta. Rosa, Raffy, Angela, Larry and Winwin will get a chance being with their little loved ones. The little one's who are waiting for them are Larry's two sons, Winwin and Angela's nephew and Raffy's little sister. After knowing where the Sta. Rosa van will lead them, the four contestants - Raffy, Larry, Winwin and Angela are very confused on what Van to choose. The four contestants who have their love ones at the Sta. Rosa chose Manila for them to lose weight and they thought that the other contestants are not going to enjoy if they choose Sta. Rosa. The seven remaining contestants then gathered around in one room and have their open forum. After awhile, the seven remaining contestants finally decided to go to Sta. Rosa to be with the kids there.
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