The seven remaining contestants are going to face another group challenge wherein they are going to let the rope be untied from the log. After untying the rope to the log, they must go through the net and reach the leaver. The seven remaining contestants are going to do it individually but this challenge is for the group. Being challenged individually, they must finish it as a group and a great prize awaits them. If the seven remaining contestants are going to be successful, the target weight loss
for their group this week will be diminished with fifteen pounds. Mr. Jim Saret and Ms. Chinggay Andrada are both with them during the challenge to guide them. The challenge started and each contestants have their own techniques. Larry even told the other contestants to arrange their rope first so that it won't get tangled. The first contestant who finished the challenge is Winwin followed by Raffy. When Winwin is already resting, she saw Ryan who is having a hard time with the rope because he put the rope all over his body already. The last three contestants that finished the challenge are Art, Leigh and Ryan. As a group, they finished the challenge within twenty minutes wherein they are given forty minutes only to finish the challenge. The seven remaining contestants are very happy that they are successful with the challenge because their target weight loss for this week will be diminished with fifteen pounds. Later on back at the camp, Raffy is distracting Winwin to give the other contestants prepare something for Winwin's birthday. Raffy and Winwin went for a jog and also went to the work out gym. After a great preparation, the six contestants then surprised Winwin with the food they have prepared. Since it is Winwin's birthday, the contestants are going to a room for them to see another challenge there.
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