This episode shows another day of the remaining contestants to be challenged. The eight remaining contestants are gathered in one room where they are waiting for the time they can work out again. Mr. Jim Saret and Ms. Chinggay Andrada are on their way to see the eight remaining contestants at the room where they are gathered. By the time Ms. Chinggay Andrada and Mr. Jim Saret saw the contestants, they are both wondering where is Hazel. Winwin then talked to Mr. Jim and Ms. Chinggay wherein Winwin told them about what happened during the last weigh in. Mr. Jim then said that what happened during the last weigh in is a challenge for them to strive hard in losing weight.. Later on, the eight remaining contestants went back to their rooms and suddenly they heard an alarm. The eight contestants hurriedly went to the work out room and saw the game master - Derek Ramsay there. Derek Ramsay then revealed the eight remaining contestant's new challenge wherein they are given a yellow card with the exact pound they must lose before the next weigh in arrives. This yellow card can be use to check how much weight they lost already and this can be use for once only. To start the eight contestants work out, Derek Ramsay offered to train them since he knew how much work they need to improve. Derek Ramsay together with the eight contestants then jog at the circle in front of the Biggest Loser Camp. Derek challenged the contestants to sprint around the circle wherein they must catch up to the ones who jog.Each contestant have different ways in losing weight wherein Larry is changing his food and work out more.Art has his own way in working out also wherein he is hydrating himself most of the time for him to work out more.After a heavy and different work out, Art decided to use the yellow card for him to know his weight loss.
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