Mr. Jim Saret went inside the Biggest Loser Camp and called the eight remaining contestants for them to start training. The eight remaining contestants together with Mr. Jim Saret then went to the work out room. At the work out room, Mr. Jim Saret told them to give their best during their work out since four contestants will be put in the elimination round. Andi is happy that Mr. Jim Saret is their trainer today because he knows that they are going to experience another level of training. After eleven minutes, the eight remaining contestants are all sweaty and tired because of their heavy work out training. The day after that, Larry woke up five in the morning and is very surprised to see his two sons. Larry is very happy receiving his prize in which he is having a time doing grocery shopping together with his sons. When Larry's sons saw him first, they didn't react and Larry though that maybe they didn't recognize that it was their father. While doing grocery shopping, Larry asked his two sons if they are now allowing Larry to take them to school. Larry revealed that before he entered the Biggest Loser Camp, his two sons are ashamed of him when he took them to school. Later on at the kitchen, Angela saw Art preparing something for himself. Angela then asked Art for some tips how he lost a lot of weight because Angela is eager to lose more weight for her to reach her goal. Many of the remaining eight contestants are giving their best in working out since they don't want to belong below the yellow line during the weigh in. The eight remaining contestants know that four of them are possible to be in the elimination round. The eight remaining contestants are also getting ready for their individual weigh in challenge and see for themselves if they can get the immunity. Who will get another immunity from them?
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