Ryan and Leigh woke up seeing a door that has a phrase - "All for one". They both called the other contestants and they are gathered in front of that door. Mr. Jim Saret then arrived and told the seven remaining contestants what the phrase - "All for one" means. Mr. Jim Saret revealed that the seven remaining contestants are going to face a new challenge in which they must do it as a group. The seven remaining contestants must lose a total of fity pounds as a group so that nobody is going to be eliminated. Another challenge for them is to ride in the bicycle machine for eight hours straight. They are going to reach the exact maintained speed while biking at the bicycle machine because if they failed to do it, they are going to get an error. Their starting speed is seventy and it will go up after two hours biking. If the seven remaining contestants will get a total of four errors, a five pound will be added to their fifty pounds goal so that nobody is going to be eliminated. To help everybody with their goal for this week, Art voluntered to prepare their food. Art told everybody that they must eat whatever Art is going to prepare because surely he will prepare a healthy food. The seven remaining contestants then started to bike wherein Art and Angela are doing it first. After forty long minutes, Angela is replaced by Raffy and Angela is disappointed with herself. The seven remaining contestants are all consistent with their technique so that they are not going to have an error.. Before the contestant wants herself/himself to be replaced, they must let the speed go up above the required speed first. Later on, Mr. Jim Saret visited the contestants who are currently biking at the bicycle machine. Mr. Jim Saret then revealed that he is going to make their challenge more difficult. What is Mr. Jim's surprise?
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