Since Ryan and Angela won the big challenge against Andi and Leigh, they are tasked to choose two contestants to compete in the next weigh in. The two contestants that will be picked are going to compete with Andi and Leigh in the next weigh in. The nine old contestants are gathered in one room for them to have a brain storming on who will be the two contestants competing against the new contestants. The nine old contestants then finally decided and chose both Eboy and Ryan to compete against Andi and Leigh in the next weigh in. Ms. Chinggay Andrada and Mr. Jim Saret then went inside the room where the nine contestants are gathered and knew about their decision. Later on, the contestants are having another work out with their trainers wherein Ms. Chinggay Andrada is the one who trains both Andi and Leigh. Eboy and Ryan are giving their best in working out so that they are going to loss a lot of weight this time. The day after that, the eleven contestants went to see Ms. Sharon Cuneta for their temptation challenge. This is the first temptation challenge for both Andi and Leigh where they are excited to know what is their temptation food. Ms. Sharon Cuneta then told the eleven contestants that they are going to be tempted with three different kinds of food. The three different foods that is everybody's favourite are street foods, fast foods and chinese foods. Ms. Sharon Cuneta also revealed that the contestant who is going to be tempted by this foods will be having a five pound advantage. The first contestant who went to see the three different kinds of food is Leigh and she didn't eat any of these foods. Next to Leigh is Ryan and he ate some of the street foods where he thought that a five pound advantage can surely save him from the elimination round. Who will be tempted by the three different foods?
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